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2021 GATSVI Summer Launch

August 5-7, 2021 


Reflect on your initial business idea and pitch and find ways to improve. 


Complete missions, refine your ideas, build your team and launch your business.


Meet speakers & mentors -- from startup entrepreneurs to executive leaders.


Pitch your business to real investors and judgesWin to raise real seed funding. 

Our Response to COVID-19

GATSVI Summer Launch takes place at multiple campuses and companies. However, due to the uncertain situation regarding COVID-19, we plan to offer an online intensive bootcamp for 2021 summer.


Please find more details below.  


Online Program Outline

  • Entrepreneurship Readiness 
    • Come up with action plans (milestones) to improve your business before the Summer Launch.
    • Complete GATSVI-recommended readings & missions.
  • Business Acceleration
    • Attend online guided-sessions (Live).
    • Meet with your team and mentors daily. 
  • Pitching​
    • Prepare your business pitch with your team and pitch it to judges. 
    • Reflect feedback from the judges to improve your business plan.

Some of Our Mentors, Speakers & Judges


David Barron

Plug and Play Executive-in-Residence

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor


Troy Dunniway

Entertainment Technology Executive

Creative Director at Microsoft, Square Soft and Samsung

David T.png

David Tswamuno

StStanford MBA, venture capitalist


Board Member at Various Companies;

Venture and Growth Capital

Dennis Chookaszian.jpg

Dennis Chookaszian

Professor at the University of Chicago

 Board member at Northwestern University


Serial entrepreneur and investor


David Yi

CEO of Riiid Labs (AI Ed Tech) 

Former Head of Asia for


Serial entrepreneur


Rob Barrett

Silicon Valley entrepreneur, musician and tech developer


Worked with Google, Microsoft, etc


Daily Schedule

GATSVI may have been one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. In those 8 weeks of building a business, I learned how to push myself to face challenges I didn't think I could. I learned to rely on my teammates and to be constructive under pressure. In the purely business end, I learned a lot about ethical business practice, what people look for in a product, and, from that, I've gotten a whole new perspective on sales.
-- Evan Goggins (2019 GATSVI Alum)
Being selected for the Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators Summer Launch was the single most memorable experience of high school. I left the GATSVI program transformed. With world-class speakers, dedicated mentors, and accomplished peers, I grew as an entrepreneur, leader, student, and person as a whole...
-- Julia Montgomery, Harvard University '24 (GATSVI Alum '19)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Launching Process

Do I need to have a business idea that is ready to be launched?

No, but if you do have ideas, then that’s GREAT because you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to fellow peers at GATSVI. Your peers will be from all over the globe! Teams will be built around GREAT ideas. The winning idea may come 100% from you OR it may be a mix of different ideas. As talented innovators, you and your team will turn the idea into reality within the two-weeks. Even if your idea doesn’t get picked, after going through a launching process, you will be able to do it on your own after the program.  

I already have my own business operating. What can I expect?

You can find team members who believe in your business and develop it further. Keep in mind that good startup founders are flexible and adept at pivoting and adapting to circumstance. If no peer supports your idea, then you can still opt to build your business on your own. It can be a lonely process, however.  

Do I have to incorporate my business?

Incorporation is a part of a launching process, but it is not necessary if you, your co-founder, or your parents do not consent to make the business official. Keep in mind that investors fund your incorporated business, not individuals. 


How does pre-session work? How much work am I expected to do?

Pre-session starts about three weeks before the main program. The purpose is to begin preparing you to adopt the Silicon Valley Mind even before you start the Summer Launch! 


You will be given missions and assignments to push you beyond your comfort zone and help you internalize entrepreneurial skills. Students typically spend 3-4 hours a week completing the missions and assignments. 

If you join the program later than the pre-session start date, don't worry. You will have access to all assignments and have extended deadlines. Your 1-month subscription to Stanford Embark program will begin on July 1 or when you complete your enrollment. 

What does a typical day look like at GATSVI Summer Launch Online?

You will have at least one workshop or lecture either in the morning or afternoon California time. You will spend most of the time with your mentor and team developing your business plans and working on your pitch. Since your team members will likely to be in different time zones, it will require a lot of time flexibility and commitment. 

What does on-demand post session mean?

If you and your team want to continue to refine your business plans or if you want to incorporate your business, mentors will follow up to guide you through the process.

What is the program fee?

For our online 3-day bootcamp, the fee is $100 / individual and $ 300 / team (up to 5 people).
Post Session

GATSVI Venture Challenge (GVC)

Will I be ready to pitch in front of real investors?

Yes! One of your main goals and outcomes is to be ready to pitch your real business to real investors. Every individual and every team at GATSVI Summer Launch will be mentored and trained to pitch before a panel of investors and judges.

How does investment work?

A panel of investors and judges will collectively invest up to $10,000 during GVC. Investors may decided to divide the $20,000 fund between few promising teams OR award the entire sum to one amazing team. Typically, angel investors that like your idea, will even offer to invest their own money or to be your company's advisors. The investment goes to the company, not individuals. 

Summer Launch Admissions Process

When is the application deadline? 

2021 GATSVI Summer Launch application will be closed after 11:59pm on July 10th (Pacific Time).

To qualify for scholarship for Summer Launch, you have to apply by 11:59pm on April 15th (Pacific Time).

What is the admissions process like? 

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be invited to an interview / virtual pitching with one of the mentors / directors via Zoom. Your admission decision is emailed to you in 1-3 weeks*.

Is there scholarship available? 

If you win the Phase 1 of our Regular Admissions Track, you will be granted scholarship.

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