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GATSVI Competition: Prepare & Apply
You can change the world.
50% of entrepreneurial success is showing up.
If you have an idea, don't be afraid.
Apply and submit your idea.
Your next idea can change the world.
You have a responsibility to help your world become better.
All current high school students are eligible to apply to the GVC as an individual or as a team. It is highly encouraged to submit an application to the GVC as a team with cross-functional expertise. Students not yet in high school or in college are eligible to apply to the GVC as long as they have at least one current high school student as an integral member of the team (i.e., someone with a minimum of 10% equity stake in the venture). However, only current high school students are allowed to pitch at the final event; other team members may participate in the Q&A only. 


The GATSVI Venture Challenge ("GVC") is a unique opportunity for high school students to pitch their business to real investors in Silicon Valley. Most other entrepreneurship programs merely host launch camps or business idea competitions as their Venture Challenge. GVC is different. It is not just a competition. Instead, it is a year-long business launch program that is recognized for its commitment to and special focus on young high school entrepreneurs. It features three distinct phases:

Phase 1


Idea Generation, Business Idea Validation, Team Formation,

& Application

(Open to All)

Phase 2



Critical Feedback, 

& Business Plan Development

(by Invitation Only)

Phase 3


Final Pitches​

streamed online or

done in-person

(to actual Silicon Valley investors)

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