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Venture Challenge
The GATSVI Venture Challenge ("GVC") is a business competition for high school students. Through the GVC, GATSVI has graduated startup companies. GVC startups achieve real angel and venture capital investments.
July 30, 2020
From Idea to Impact
Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators bridges the gap
between knowledge and practice, idea and action, and research and impact through education, partnerships, and new venture creation.
Providing high-impact entrepreneurship experience for high school students.
What is GATSVI?

High school students have creative ideas dancing in their heads. All they need is the right platform, the right mentor, and the right resources to turn their imagination into reality. Gifted And Talented Silicon Valley Innovators (GATSVI) is established on the core belief that high school students are more than capable of launching a company and impacting the world with their creative ideas. GATSVI is a program by Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI).


Is GATSVI Venture Challenge for me?

Is your mind an amazing idea lab?

If you have an idea, then don't hesitate - join the GATSVI Venture Challenge!

What if your idea is worth a billion dollars?

Find teammates and join the competition. You never know until you try.

What if real investors gave you 20 minutes?

Practice. Practice. And practice! You will get one shot to pitch your business!

2020 GVC Schedule & Key Dates
  • Phase I — Preliminaries
    • Dec 15, 2019: Feasibility Summary due
    • Jan 6-18, 2020: Invitation for oral presentation of business idea to Judge Panel
    • Jan 24, 2020: Announcement of winners that qualify for GVC
  • Phase II — Immersion & Incubation
    • Feb 8-9, 2020: Weekend Bootcamp — Innovation & Ideation
    • Mar 14-15, 2020: Weekend Bootcamp — Global Startup
    • Apr 18-19, 2020: Weekend Bootcamp — Business Development
    • Jun 21 - Jul 18, 2020: GATSVI Summer Immersion: Online Sessions
    • Jul 19- Jul 31, 2020: GATSVI Summer Immersion @ Silicon Valley
  • Phase III — GATSVI Venture Challenge 
    • Jul 30, 2020: The Competition​ @ Silicon Valley (Business Pitch)
    • Jul 31, 2020: Announcement of 2020 GVC Winners!
    • Aug 1 - 8, 2020: Business plan and legal due diligence for funding
Past GVC Alumni & Winners
Some of our proud alumni & winners from GATSVI Venture Challenge:

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