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High School

GATSVI Club Program

The GATSVI Club Program curates entrepreneurial forward-thinking in high schoolers anywhere and everywhere.  We have real entrepreneurial leaders from the emerging Silicon Valley scene and elsewhere guide students in developing feasible business plans that are at par with today’s startups.  We provide the most diligent student teams with the mentorship to pursue a business plan, and opportunity to make it a reality and receive seed funding.

This is not a theoretical product planning competition.  Your team brings the dedication to perform real industry market research, complete entrepreneurial missions, and develop a business plan that would succeed in the real world.  You’ll receive the guidance and mentorship to bring together a devoted team to pursue a real endeavor and get seed funding for your idea – free of charge.

“GATSVI allowed for me to gain a broader perspective on what made entrepreneurship so demanding and satisfying, and afforded me the motivation to even pursue two companies at once; once you become inspired by the mentors and lifestyle, you have to see it through to the end.”
Sean Cai
(GATSVI Club President)

GATSVI Club Benefits

Entrepreneurship is done through unwavering teamwork and relentless efforts. 

We’ll provide you the integral mentorship and pitching opportunity to make it a reality.


GATSVI Club Program provides proven dedicated teams with mentors, many having started their own companies, who’ll guide teams in educational missions.

Pitch Events

Regional and International competition pitch events allow you to put your business plans into action and secure up to 20k in initial seed funding.

International Competition

The International competition culminates in the opportunity to take companies to the next level – through GATSVI fellowship, summer program, and other pitching opportunities.

Gather an Entrepreneurial Team

in Your High School!

We look for dedicated students who have the follow-through necessary to make their ideas reality.  We ask for a club or student leader that fulfills this goal by serving as their team’s point of contact with the mentor, encouraging entrepreneurship within the school, and constantly driving the team to the next level.  These leaders should constantly push members to follow through on GATSVI missions and deadlines, as well as have a passion for entrepreneurship that others can follow.

Unlike traditional entrepreneurship programs, implementing the GATSVI program at schools is completely free.  Only bring the resolve and dedication necessary to fully utilize this program.

Rolling registration!

Start your club today!

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