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Frequently Asked Questions


Program Inquries

Program Inquiries

How does pre-session work? How much work am I expected to do?

Pre-session starts about a month before the camp. The purpose is to begin prepping you to adopt the Silicon Valley Mind even before you arrive in Silicon Valley! A package with materials necessary for your missions and assignments will be mailed to you to kick-start the process.


These missions will push you beyond your comfort zone and help you internalize entrepreneurial skills. You will be required to submit and share your outcomes online by given deadlines (all instructions and dates are included in the package). And don’t worry—your GATSVI mentor will be there to give you feedback via online or phone call. There also will be mandatory reading assignments and you will discuss the reading materials via SMILE (Stanford Mobile Inquiry-Based Learning Environment). Students typically spend 3-4 hours a week completing the missions and assignments.

What does a typical day look like at GATSVI Summer?

In the morning, you will attend classes at Stanford University or UC Berkeley. In the afternoon, you will visit Silicon Valley companies and/or attend workshops with distinguished guest speakers—they will guide you through modules as well as share from their wealth of experience launching companies. In the evening, you will work with your team to continuously develop your business plans, pitch decks and presentation skills.

What does on-demand post session mean?

If you and your team want to continue to refine your business plans or if you want to incorporate your business, mentors will follow up to guide you through the process.

Launching Process

Do I need to have a business idea that is ready to be launched?

No, but if you do have ideas, then that’s GREAT because you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to fellow peers at GATSVI. Your peers will be from all over the globe! Teams will be built around GREAT ideas. The winning idea may come 100% from you OR it may be a mix of different ideas. As talented innovators, you and your team will turn the idea into reality within the two-weeks you are in Silicon Valley. Even if your idea doesn’t get picked, after going through a launching process, you will be able to do it on your own after the program.  

I already have my own business operating. What can I expect?

You can find team members who believe in your business and develop it further. Keep in mind that good startup founders are flexible and adept at pivoting and adapting to circumstance. If no peer supports your idea, then you can still opt to build your business on your own. It can be a lonely process, however.  

Do I have to incorporate my business?

Incorporation is a part of a launching process, but it is not necessary if you, your co-founder, or your parents do not consent to make the business official.

GATSVI Venture Challenge (GVC)

Will I be ready to pitch in front of real investors?

Yes! One of your main goals and outcomes is to be ready to pitch your real business to real investors. Every individual and every team at GATSVI Summer Launch will be mentored and trained to pitch before a panel of investors and judges.

How does investment work?

A panel of investors and judges will invest $20,000 (or more!) during GVC. Investors may decided to divide the $20,000+ between few promising teams OR award the entire sum to one amazing team. Typically, angel investors that like your idea, will offer to even put their own money into your company. The investment goes to the company, not individuals. 
Student Life

Student Life

Where are we staying? How many roommates will I have?

Depending on availability, you will stay at a dorm at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Menlo College, San Jose State or Santa Clara University. Rooms are either double or triple depending on the university residence hall. This means you will have 1 or 2 roommates. Male and female rooms will NOT be on the same floor. Every floor will have a Residential Advisor to ensure the safety and tend to the needs of the students at each floor.

Do I get free time? Am I allowed to leave the site?

You will likely end up spending most of your free times working on your business! During the weekend, there will be team adventures and tours arranged to explore Silicon Valley and San Francisco. You MAY NOT leave the program during the week. Occasionally, we have students who wish to visit family members over the weekend—this will be permitted ONLY IF we receive both a written and verbal consent from your parents/guardians.


How much is GATSVI Summer Program?

Our 2020 Summer Launch Tuition is $6,950 ($5,950 early registration) and Room & Board is $2,450. To be considered for scholarship, apply by April 1, 2020 (Regular Deadline).


2020 program details and fees are available on our brochure. Please request one here

What is included in the tuition?

  • All registration fees

  • Group transportation within California

  • Regular Meals

  • Housing

  • Books and supplies

  • Program-planned trips and activities

  • T-Shirt

What is NOT included in the tuition?

  • Round-trip airfare

  • U.S. Visa

  • ​Personal travel/activity money (laundry, special meals, additional sheet service)

  • Insurance (Health and Travel)

Can I pay the program fees in installments?

Yes. You can choose to pay the program fees in two (2) or three (3) separate installments. However, additional service and processing fees will be added. Please contact Joseph ( if you wish to pay your tuition in installments.



What do I need to prepare to come to the program?

  • proof of your health insurance.

  • B-2 Visa for International Students (click HERE to see Visitor Visa Information)

       ** Check if you qualify for Visa Waiver Program

  • A list of things to bring to the camp will be sent out to you via email.

Will I get picked up from and dropped off at the airport?

We offer a group pick-up from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on July 21st at 2:00pm. We also offer a group drop off after the program ends on August 2nd (around 12:00pm).

Sign-ups for pick-up / drop off will be sent out to you a month before the camp.


What if I arrive before or after the pick-up time?

You can arrange an airport transportation service with SuperShuttle, Uber, Lyft, or taxi service. However, please keep in mind that the camp site won’t be open until 3:00pm.

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